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About us

Bonum is a privately owned company founded in 1992. The company’s core business is production and processing of champignons (agaricus bisporus), as well processing of fruits and vegetables for mass consumption. Today, Bonum is the largest privately owned company for production and processing of champignons in R. Macedonia as well as one of the largest canning factories in the region. In the year 2005, Bonum opened a new processing plant, in which with increased production capacities process the champignons into a final product, and also produces and processes different kinds of fruit and vegetable products. Bonum has production lines for roasted peppers, ajvar, beetroot and gherkins. In our assortment we also offer ketchup, tomato products and mayonnaise. Bonum’s annual production capacity is more than 12000 tons of final products. Bonum’s team of experts persistently works on new product development, maintaining the highest quality of the products, good manufacturing practice and satisfying the strict rules of IFS, ISO 22000 and HACCP standards. Guarantee for that are the sales and the good reputation that Bonum’s products bear on the domestic and abroad markets.

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Phone + 389 (0)2 25 51 662
Fax + 389 (0)2 25 52 662 ext. 14
Bul. Kiro Gligorov 4 1040 Skopje, Macedonia


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